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The BIODEGMA windrow composting system

BIODEGMA Windrow Composting System

Our windrow composting system is BIODEGMA at its best. Technically the simplest method to use semi-permeable cover laminates, this composting technology makes for short preliminary and realisation phases which testify to the system's immense potential as fast, cost-efficient and effective solution.

Individual system components combine flexibly to keep plant planning, assembly and commissioning times to an absolute minimum. The system requires minimum construction work, involves low investment costs and allows you to put the plant into operation within very short commissioning times.

The BIODEGMA windrow composting system greatly reduces the need for turning the composting material, as the semi-permeable cover laminate ensures optimal parameters for a decomposition process guaranteed to be aerobic. In addition, the high-quality GORE® HEAP COVER is able to retain up to 90% of odours and potentially hazardous bioaerosols.

The integrated in-floor pressure ventilation system underneath the windrows fulfils a dual function, ensuring optimal oxygen supply and reliable leachate drainage. This prevents fluids from leaking and keeps the tracks of the plant clean. The covered windrow composting system includes the tried-and-tested ventilation and control components employed in the BIODEGMA box composting system.

In conjunction with our robust control system precisely adjusted fans ensure efficient computer-aided and controlled plant operation. This is a clear advantage over classic open windrow composting. Benefit from low operating costs thanks to increased energy efficiency, improved ease of maintenance and streamlined processes: Pile the waste up in heaps with a front-end loader.

The supplied winding device enables you to cover the windrows with laminates up to 13 m in width in almost no time. Then plunge the temperature measuring probes into the waste and start the process. The laminate acts as a biofilter, so there is no more need for time and cost intensive exhaust air treatment. This safes money and yields a negative carbon footprint. Waste treatment can be as easy as that.

With the industry-renowned BIODEGMA windrow composting system you can process a wide range of wastes including organic waste, sewage sludge and the organic fraction in municipal solid waste (MBT). Thanks to its modular design the system can easily be expanded and adapted to meet future requirements. This makes the BIODEGMA windrow composting system with semi-permeable cover laminates the ideal entry-level solution into aerobic waste treatment.

Quick and costefficienct entry into membrane composting

The BIODEGMA windrow composting system offers tried-and-tested quality for highly efficient waste treatment with a minimum of construction work.

Das Biodegma Mietensystem
  1. Control cabinet   
  2. PC
  3. Fixing device for covers
  4. Temperature measuring probe
  5. Winding device for covers
  6. Fan 
  7. GORE® Heap Cover
  8. Aeration channels