The BIODEGMA Principle

Reliability, sustainability
and superior quality guaranteed to last

"The quality choice in membrane composting"

The BIODEGMA Priciple

The BIODEGMA principle is synonymous with robust and durable solutions for optimised aerobic waste treatment.

The BIODEGMA principle also guarantees competitive value for money thanks to low purchase cost and safe and trouble-free operation. The plant's key assets – its favourable carbon footprint and low operating costs – benefit both the environment and your balance sheet.

BIODEGMA plants leverage the benefits of its three major components to achieve their outstanding durability and sustainability: constant pressure ventilation, precise process management and the semi-permeable GORE® cover laminate.

The integrated, highly energy-efficient in-floor pressure ventilation system ensures optimal oxygen supply. Additionally, its ventilation chutes serve as a process water and leachate drain. What sets the system apart is its ability to be easily accessed and cleaned.

Our advanced computer-aided and controlled system allows for highly efficient plant operation. Process quality is monitored using integrated temperature measuring probes and documented in real time on the visual display system.

The semi-permeable cover laminate provides optimal conditions for a decomposition process guaranteed to be aerobic and consists of three different layers: the ePTFE membrane – known from GORE-TEX® clothing – and two protective layers made from high-strength polyester fabric forming the laminate's upper and lower surface. The result is a high-tech laminate which is air permeable, yet absolutely waterproof.

Ascending air is allowed to escape while odour molecules carried in the air are bonded to a water film forming at the laminate's lower surface and fed back to the rotting matter where they are decomposed by microorganisms. This technology yields odour reductions of up to 90% and prevents the spread of spores and germs. Thus, the GORE® cover protects both the environment and employee health.

All three system components interact to provide optimal process parameters and guarantee a high-quality end product - and this is what the BIODEGMA principle stands for.

Our Philosophy

The BIODEGMA principle represents our manifest commitment to reliability, sustainability and superior quality guaranteed to last. All components are perfectly geared to one another thanks to simple design solutions and precise workmanship.

The BIODEGMA Principle
  1. Fixing device for covers
  2. Weather
  3. CO2
  4. Temperature probe
  5. GORE® Cover
  6. Air
  7. Heat
  8. Odour
  9. Humidity
  10. Microorgansim