Possibly our most important assets:


Success through guidance

Today more than ever, it is comprehensive customer support, superior service and product quality, which determine entrepreneurial success. This is why we take customer focus so seriously. As our customer everything we do at BIODEGMA revolves around you. We offer long-term trusted partnerships built on extensive experience and practical know-how. As an expert in the building and operation of treatment plants and material flow management we will communicate with you at every level throughout the project and design integrated solutions precisely geared to your long-term requirements – thereby putting the principles of networked thinking into practice.

Efficient structures

At BIODEGMA we bank on flat hierarchies, short decision-making processes and an open-minded approach to new tasks. Thinking laterally and working holistically we devise full-service solutions designed to increase plant efficiency for you to capitalize on.

Skilled workflow

Our employees are our most valuable assets. At BIODEGMA we therefore proactively encourage continuing employee development as a fundamental tenet of our corporate philosophy. By empowering our people and giving them the freedom to shape operations we foster trustful cooperation and the highest level of professionalism to the mutual benefit of both our employees and customers.

One-stop service

There is no off-the-shelf concept in waste treatment plant engineering. This is why we give our customers our full expert support on every aspect along the way of designing custom solutions. We see our role as both producer and provider of a comprehensive range of services and regard service as a continuous search for new ways of recycling the most varied of materials while refining existing technologies. Joining forces with the companies of our group network we strive to develop today the solutions required tomorrow.

Customer service from a to z

After sales service:

  • Whether you quickly need a replacement part or repair service – we will be there!


  • We train your staff during plant commissioning on all relevant aspects: Process engineering, basics of biodegradation,safety at work and maintenance.


  • We will give you our full support during the entire plant approval process.

Customer support:

  • We supply all the information you need – from in-service support, maintenance plans and operation manuals to documentation tools. And we are always within reach.