Nowy system rejestracji temperatury dla instalacji kompostowania BIODEGMA

METIS: intelligent temperature monitoring

data-logging probe - Metis

With more than 60 operational reference plants and 20+ years of expertise in the planning and setting up of aerobic waste treatment facilities, we know how important reliable process management is. The ideal combination of oxygen supply, water content and temperature is a must for maximum plant performance and output. Among these maintaining the correct temperature is the key parameter in the composting process. While temperatures above 55°C are required to kill off harmful germs and bacteria reliably, one should not exceed 70°C in order to provide ideal conditions for the microbiological organisms involved in the composting process.

In line with applicable EU directives, Schedule 2 of the German Ordinance on Biowaste (BioAbfV) requires plant operators to implement a system ensuring automated, and unmodifiable recording and documentation of the process temperature profile as evidence of effective hygienisation. To meet these requirements, plant operators need a temperature control system designed to supply continuous process temperature data allowing them to make early adjustments to the process parameters if required.

a pioneering new way of in-process control

In introducing METIS, an intelligent temperature monitoring system for composting plants, BIODEGMA offers a pioneering new way of in-process control. Designed in-house as a full-service solution including software, hardware and a professional installation service, METIS is a universal system offering exceptionally low installation, operation and maintenance costs while requiring virtually no assembly work. METIS allows for easy, swift and cost-effective temperature measurement, control and documentation in compliance with legal provisions.

Metis Overview:

  • Hard- and Software package
  • low installation, operation and maintenance costs
  • easy, swift and cost-effective temperature measurement
  • wireless data transmission using radio-signals and wireless lan
  • designed for existing or new, small or large-scale plants

wireless control

Using radio signals, the system feeds temperature data collected by the measuring probes in the core and on the edges of the composting material to the base station. The integrated data logger writes the information to the built-in memory card. If your office is located in the immediate vicinity of the compositing plant, the base station can be connected directly to the PC for data readout. If your office is farther away, you can easily read out daily average temperature values using either the system's removable SD memory card, or by wireless connection to a notebook. METIS also includes a software package allowing you to create clearly structured charts and graphics.

Made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the fully sealed measuring probe is designed to perform reliably in an aggressive composting environment and under all weather conditions. The particularly thick wall adds extra durability. The probe comes in a standard length of 1.5 metres, but can be customised to suit any individual needs. The base station is equally robust and guaranteed to work reliably at outside temperatures ranging from -30°C to +45°C. Additional protective features are available depending on the place where it is to be installed.

stand-alone system

Designed to deliver ultimate performance, the METIS temperature control system integrates seamlessly into any existing BIODEGMA plant. But it is also a powerful stand-alone system. METIS is particularly well suited for classic windrow composting: featuring two measurement points, one for surface and one for core temperature, a single probe per windrow is sufficient.

Existing or new, small or large-scale plants can easily be fitted or retro-fitted with this pioneering solution. METIS is also an economic alternative for plants getting on in years: where central control unit problems are an issue, METIS is a swift and low-cost alternative for decentralised temperature monitoring requiring hardly any electronic installation work.

Simplify your process management with METIS – the easy-to-use and versatile temperature monitoring system engineered by BIODEGMA. Get in touch! Our experts will be there for you.

Metis - one solution, two options

Option 1 – direct base station to PC connection:

Metis-Option 1

Using radio signals the measuring probe communicates measurement data to the base station, which forwards incoming data to the PC via cable connection. The software suite installed on the PC receives and processes the data. The user programme included in the package makes measurement data accessible for further editing.

Option 2 – base station to data logger connection:

Metis-Option 2

Using radio signals the measuring probe sends data to the base station. Communicating directly with the base station the data logger writes incoming data to the built-in memory card. Data readout is possible by inserting the removable data logger SD card in your PC or notebook or by wireless connection. Receiving the data the user programme makes it accessible for further editing.