BIODEGMA was the first company to use semi-permeable laminates in the aerobic treatment of biogenic waste.

A growing desire to safeguard natural resources and reduce the ecological footprint parallel with an ever diminishing space available for landfill sites more than ever before makes the strategy „recycling above disposal“ resonate in public awareness.

Politicians have also realised the need for environmentally-friendly recycling technologies and decisions are being taken to implement closed-loop waste management systems in all countries across Europe and beyond.

areas of applications

  • Stabilising 
  • composting
  • sewage sludge composting
  • bio-drying

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Bergisch Gladbach. On July 1, 2021, Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH will take over the BIODEGMA® brand and thus expand its portfolio with an additional technology in the field of biological waste treatment.
After years of successful cooperation between the two companies and the realization of various large projects in the field of mechanical-biological waste treatment, mainly in Poland, the plant manufacturer is now taking over the assets of the Ludwigsburg-based company, which specializes in the design and construction of aerobic waste treatment plants.
The long-standing managing director of BIODEGMA®, Ralf Müller, and his employees will also be integrated into the organization of Sutco RecyclingTechnik. They will remain at the original BIODEGMA® location in Ludwigsburg and will conduct their business from there in the usual manner.
With the new acquisition, the plant manufacturer increases its possibilities to respond to the various requirements of its globally represented customers.

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