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BIODEGMA Box Composting System

BIODEGMA Box Composting System

The BIODEGMA box composting system allows you to efficiently process large amounts of waste in a minimum of space. The closed system is designed to safely process a wide variety of waste materials including municipal solid waste (MSW), sewage sludge and separately collected organic wastes. The optional dual-barrier configuration ensures our box composting system fully complies with the requirements of the European animal bi-product regulations.

The cleverly and simply designed system components ensure safe plant operation and low maintenance costs.The gates and electrically powered roofs, which are covered with GORE® laminates, are absolutely water and air tight when closed thanks to their perfectly matching profiles. Our box composting solution is a genuinely closed system engineered to provide a steady and homogeneous microclimate required for an optimal rotting process.

Our technology allows you to load the individual modules with more than 400m³ of waste simply using a front-end loader. This is why the BIODEGMA box composting system is not only technically superior to open plants, it also generates higher throughput rates on a smaller footprint. The integrated pressure ventilation system uses in-floor tubing to ensure optimised supply with oxygen and temperature control.

The semi-permeable GORE® cover features an ePTFE membrane which filters odour molecules, microbes and spores out of the permeating exhaust air. The bonded particles are then fed back to the aerobic decomposing process. This solution eliminates the need for energy and maintenance intensive biofilters. 

The heat cushion naturally forming between the composting material and the box roof ensures reliable operation even during the winter season and helps reduce energy consumption. The result: A small and eco-friendly carbon footprint. Temperature measuring probes, which are simply plunged into the waste, allow you to monitor the composting process in real time and thereby manage the plant efficiently.

Since almost 20 years we have been engineering and refining system components to maximise plant service life. Maintenance is kept to a minimum and the modular concept allows defective parts to be replaced quickly and easily. When choosing the BIODEGMA box composting system, you choose safety, reliability, sustainability and a high return on investment. 


Genuinely enclosed system, easy to manage, effective and energy-efficient. Custom process control yields a high-quality end product and the GORE® laminates keep the temperature constant and spores, germs and odours inside.

Das Biodegma Boxensystem
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